Script cross-over: Mike Ross v Michel Scofield


Officer pushed him inside and door buzzed off. Finally the fear which has been hanging around his head all these years came true. Oh yeah it happened; Mike Ross is behind bars now.

Mike’s head is now crumbling with the thoughts about his future. What is going to happen now to him? How can empty suit like him is going to survive in the bizarre place like this. All he got is a brain with photographic memory and smartness but that is not the kind of tools which helps you here that are the tools which puts you in hell here. So what are his options now…

“You need to calm down.” a very calm but intense voice came from behind.

“Research suggests that overthinking may burn twenty percent more calories than normal, and here your ration is limited.” he finished his sentence with same intense voice.

His face is in shadows of the corners. He is sitting on the prison bed and reading some kind of book. Mike took a closed look at him. He is his cellmate who is long and bald but looking very patient.

“Well you sound very friendly and didactic”, Mike said in relieving voice.

“That’s because I am your only hope in this prison Mike” he replied with same calmness.

All of sudden the wave of suspense hovered over Mike. “How the hell do you know my name and who the hell are you?”  Mike asked with curiosity. He is still trying to hide his fear as hard as possible.

“My name is Michel Scofield and I came to get you out of here”, the voice replied and he came to Mike and relieved his face.

Mike stunned for a second there. This is the men he heard so much about. Michel Scofield has not just broke out of prison once or twice but he is the men who wobbled the whole country with his unparalleled brain skill set.

“You are supposed to be dead, what are you even doing here? Why are you helping me? What the hell is going on?” Mike was so furious now looking for an explanation.

“Relax and take a seat, I will explain everything to you.” Scofield petted on Mike’s arm.

“Harvey sent me”, Scofield started.

“What? Why? When?”, Mike asked suddenly. The edifice of mystery is pissing him off.

“I met Harvey almost a decade ago when I was trying to find a lawyer for my brother Lincoln. At that time Harvey also didn’t took my case because he was trying to win a white collar cases to rise up in his career and mine was a criminal one. But after I broke out from prison he believed in me and we have been in contact since.” Scofield paused for a moment to look in Mike’s eye to know if he is believed him or not.

Scofield continues, “Two days ago Harvey’s contact called me and asked me to help you to get out of this prison. Now why I agreed and how this all arranged which lands me in this cell is a discussion for another time. All you need to know right now is that your life is in danger.”

He opened the book he was reading and pulled out a letter from it and gave to Mike. “This is from Harvey, read it and you will understand everything.” Scofield said.

Mike was in such a panic that he almost tore the letter while opening it.


I know its been just a few hours before we parted while you reading this but there is something you need to know about the jungle. Fortsman had somehow managed to unleash the hound of Baskerville to take out Watson. Sherlock is such a bound by law that he cannot help but can only send Maverick for his iceman. So all you need to do is buckle up and hit a homerun in that jungle because we are winners and we don’t make excuses. We win.


Mike finishes reading with drizzly eyes. Complete sense of understanding was all over his face. He understood everything Harvey tried to convey through that cryptic letter. He almost forgot that Scofield is also there.

“Clearly the letter is cryptic. Harvey took a good care in case if it falls in anyone’s hand from FBI or this prison after our prison break” Scofield said in logical voice. “What did you get from it?” Scofield asked to Mike.

“We used to quote movies and series this whole time. He is comparing himself with Sherlock and me with John Watson in one line. In one other line he is quoting Top gun which is one of our all-time favorite. And lastly he is just showing off by quoting himself, well this is Harvey; Show off goes with him without saying.” Mike chuckled in mind.

“Yeah I got that all references but what does that means actually?” Scofield asked.

“Charles Fortsman is Harvey’s long time enemy. Fortsman has paid someone off in this prison to take me out in order to get revenge with Harvey. So Harvey said to make a home run from this prison with your aid.” Mike shade light on Scofield.

“Ohh, then he sent a perfect ally for you. I have a little bit of expertise in that area” Scofield said with smile.

“Just one thing I don’t understand” Mike spoke like he is talking to himself. “If Harvey knew this all two days ago, why didn’t he told me then and only telling in this letter now?”

“You are thinking very short term. You may be a one of the best attorney in city but you lake foresight unlike Harvey” Scofield spoke like a brotherly manner.

“Once you’ll broke from here everyone around you will be questioned and put through so much trouble: polygraph and interrogations and what not?. So if Harvey would have told you before than he would have to commit perjury which would have come out eventually because you can’t lie from Homeland security or FBI or CIA. So Harvey works through cut out. Even we didn’t talked directly. After all he is the man of Law.” Scofield said in intense voice.

“So in order to save my life I am putting everyone at risk?” Mike asked in unpleasant tone.

“Not if you follow my every instruction. We will be out of country within a week” Scofield revealed his plan to Mike.

“What? That’s impossible. You used to took weeks for your past prison breaks.” Mike asked in curious disapproving manner.

There is a silent glimpse on Scofield face. He was smiling in his cheeks and he said,

“Son, Where your SUITS Season 5 ended, it is the place where my PRISON BREAK Season 1 started. So have a little faith in me about whatever I am saying. And besides that we have a help coming from France” Scofield revealed the final mystery of the night.

“What? What is coming from France?” Mike was gushing with the suspense.

“Since this is a White Collar prison and I have an experience of Level five Prison, Harvey pulled some string and called the expert on White Collar prison break.” Scofield is still not relieving his final element of surprise.

“Yeah, Neal Caffrey is also coming for your help” Scofield finally sacked.

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